PREDRIFT is Choo-Kien Kua's electronic music project who is a multi instrumental beat maker and visual artist. They are interested in transcendent vibes, melodic compositions and unique sounds. Often taking the intuitive or exploratory approach to music production has lead to a natural and organic sound, reminiscent of trip hop, Electronica, IDM and ambient. In 2023 PREDRIFT released and EP called Drifter, that incorporated modular instruments and analogue recording techniques. Based on the unceded lands of Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil-Waututh Nations known as Vancouver and from Calgary originally. In the 2000's he toured and recorded in various punk bands and is currently playing in Kilo.

In 2018 he started electronic music project PREDRIFT and soon released an album called Imaginator. He has releasing a follow up EP called DRIFTER on May 25th 2023, created by recording synths through tube amps and influenced by meditation. In 2024 he has released a Single Series Fold and plans to release more.

Choo-Kien Kua grew up in Calgary and is a self taught guitarist who is influenced by punk. In the 2000's he played in the Calgary's punk scene and released independent records and toured with bands First in Last Out, Warning by Sea and as a singer/songwriter called Medical that toured Germany.

He moved to Vancouver in 2007 to complete a BFA at Emily Carr University and started Kilo a band that uses guitar loops and collaged samples. Influenced by Vancouvers diverse art, electronic and noise scene in 2018 and began creating electronic music as PREDRIFT and released an album Imaginator in 2019.

Recently, PREDRIFT has been collaborating by producing on electronic hardware, live instruments and in beatmaking challenges. This is where he gained experience recording virtual instruments, samples and live sounds. While he was producing 4 songs for his upcoming release DRIFTER, he was inspired to bring the virtual synths to life. Curiosity led him drive custom modular and analog synths through two Bass Tube Amps that goes to a old 2 x 12 inch and 15 inch speaker and recorded with four microphones. The resulting bass had raw realness and the synths sang ethereal fuzzed echos around the room. The energy is expanded with drummer Miguel Shaw playing on the track Drifter. Thematically the EP DRIFTER is contemplative journey influenced by Kua's meditation and intuitive art.



PREDRIFT is my solo project that came together in Vancouver in 2017, while my post-rock band Kilo was looking for a drummer. The search was long and Tim and I considered getting a drum machine. I was into electronic music production, listened to it and had beatmaker friends. Eventually I took the leap and started working with a MPC, Korg's Electribe 2 and KP3 sampler. I got these because they have an intuitive form of beat making, similar to playing an instrument with your hands. Coming from guitar, it made sense. My style came from the subtleties of my hand. While Kilo eventually took a hiatus, I became obsessed with making beats and producing compositions. Over the course of the first year I made around 120 beats.

I was amazed at the variety of instruments and effects able to conjure up rich emotions and magical universes. Coming from a single instrument to an orchestra opened up a world of possibility. For the next year I kept jamming, looking to start new projects. I eventually hooked up with a crew of buddies and we would have a blast at the late night jam sessions. Later, I listened back to the recordings and found a lot of gems. I started sampling these jams for my beats, mixing some dynamic compositions. I did this to combine the jazz of live jams with the structure of electronics.

During this time I also began to mix field recordings from my life with the beats. I have a habit of recording naturally occurring sound in my daily life, trips, etc. I am fascinated with the mood, timing and chance that occur when capturing a sound. This fascination comes from my practice as a visual artist and designer. I found the sound collage brought a sense of reality and the larger story of our lives to the music.

My first collection of songs began to form when a DJ friend of mine brought me to Vancouver Loop Sessions. This is a monthly social gathering for music producers to make a beat in 3 hours and present it. These parameters pressured me to create finished compositions efficiently. After much trial and error, I eventually found a process and rhythm to writing and recording my songs. I would do live mixes in one take straight off my Electribe and add a few overdubs, just like how I record live instruments. I produced Predrift's first 11 song album Imaginator in 2019. On it, I placed all the beats that I could not ignore and the songs that shine like gems in my mind. Imaginator is out now.


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