Hear the EP: DRIFTER

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Streaming everywhere on May 25th 2023

DRIFTER EP is an electronic instrumental that was composed in the Summer/Fall of 2022 that is influenced by the artistic and meditation practices. Drifting is a technique used by many artist and that I use in my visual arts and music practice. It teaches you to use intuition and movement, I used this during the writing phase, where I finger drum a beat out and chop it up into a longer composition. Then jam out synth parts and let the song come together by intuitively moving parts around. Using this technique as created a free flowing feel through out the recording. Clarity and focus experienced during meditation has also been a influence on the record. While the compositions and mix maintained a clarity by giving the instruments space to compliment each other in a naturally evolving fashion. While focus was created using unique recording techniques and complex sounds but with limited instruments, like a four piece band. I found the attention to sound quality can create so much focus. Pairing these influences has made DRIFTER free but focused collection of songs. There is another song called Middle Road made with this EP and is available as a bonus song with EP purchase from Bandcamp exclusively.

Production log:

Recorded at Vancouver in November 2022. Composed, mixed and master on IPad. Using analog synth Microbrute and custom modular synths on software Drambo and Moog. The synths left and right channels were patched through a Traynor YB200 going to 2 x 12 inch speakers and Harke LH1000 going to 1x15 inch speaker. Each speaker set was mic and the additional a pair of cross mics was placed in between to capture a wider room sound.

I mixed it to retain most of the stereo effect and fidelity in the bass frequencies. The higher synths are mixed with left and right channel amps panned to each side retaining the original movement.


Intensity in layers sound with an mystical quality. I was originally drawn to the song because of the grit and boom of the bass original production with the room sound in natural stereo. Drummer Miguel Shaw was recorded playing on Drifter instead of the original electronic drums without click track for a natural feel.

Thrift Find

Inspired by atmospheric and complex Moog synth loops and mixed with the brooding analog bass tones of the MicroBrute creates a dreamy and magical journey.

Twice Found

Exciting arp synths create a hypnotic vibe that moves into a wider symphony of contemplative sounds.


Dark, crushing black hole bass. Ethereality hopeful energy.